more vacation pics (mostly of P, of course)

P literally spent hours opening and closing the door, and holding it open for people to go through. Hours. His first word after "Mama" and "Dada" was "door". And he still loves them.

Carrying rocks to throw in the water is a very important mission in a two year old's life. Check out that stern face.
When asked what he was doing, Phillip replied, "Relaxing."
Boggles, the boy who wore goggles, is back! And check out those lips. Do you remember when he was a few weeks old and we put goggles on him? That didn't go so smoothly.

I love these flip-flops. They're two years old and starting to look a bit worn, but they are the first pair I grab on my way out the door.

Okay, I'm almost done with the vacation pics. Except for the post about the Kingston Farmer's Market that I've been promising. Hopefully tomorrow - hope you're having a good weekend!

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