Saint John City Market & the new washer

One place I love in Saint John, which we visited while on vacation, is the City Market. It's a perpetual market with everything from a mini British-foods-only grocery stand to ice cream, from tacky souvenirs to beautiful soap at Olivier.
I thought this man at the meat counter was adorable.
The whole market is on an odd kind of slant, which, strangely, makes it extra-appealing.

We had a lovely time there, as always. We also visited the Kingston Market last Saturday, which deserves its own post. It was fantastic. If I were getting married, I would have the wedding there on a Saturday morning. It was that kind of atmosphere. Oh, right - I'm saving that for another post.

Back here at home, this is the old beasty washer that finally bit the dust. It was given to us several years ago, and served us very well. But I am happy to report that I finally got over the paralyzing options in the world of washers, and bought a new set yesterday. It was delivered this morning, and my first load came out so clean and fluffi-fied. Beautiful.

Phillip insisted on posing with the new appliances. This is the face he makes when asked for a smile. Too cute! I'll spare you the details of the washer shopping drama, but I got a good deal on this set, from a local store, and they're fancier than I thought we would be getting. I'm excited for a new chapter in laundry history.

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  1. I'd love to hear more about that book. I'm intrigued by the idea of making a terrarium but worried that my not-exactly-green thumb might make for disappointing results! There was a neat how-to video on designsponge recently, too. Hm...


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