the new terrarium

I requested The New Terrarium through our local library awhile ago, and I can't for the life of me recall where I heard about it or what possessed me to look up books on terrariums. That's the only problem with requesting books from other libraries in the province - by the time the book is finally in my hands, I've forgotten the kick I was on. But now I'm back on the terrarium bandwagon. I haven't read the whole book yet, and the first section is a bit redundant and over-zealous about how terrariums can change your life, but there are lots of good instructions on making terrariums, choosing suitable materials, and caring for them. None of which I've gotten to, yet. But, since I'm always a wee bit impatient to do things, I tossed a bit of moss and some rocks in one of my many, many jars, and I'm waiting to see what happens.

The moss was free; I was looking for some at a garden centre, and there were two sad-looking trays of it laying on top of a box. I asked the lady how much they were, and she said "Oh, that's my compost pile. You can have them!" Yes, please! The roots were so tight and dry that I just tossed them into the jar with some water and the rocks to let them loosen up a bit, and by the time I finish the book, I'll know what to do with them.

Have you ever had a terrarium? What was it in, and what was in it? Happy Friday!


  1. I love the way that moss looks in your mason jar- I have never seen that varietal before.

    Check out my blog for tips on making and maintaining terrariums!


  2. I actually thought it would be super cool to have terrariums as centerpieces for our wedding.... lol i am sadly obsessed.
    I love your terrarium so far- such a fun idea!

  3. When I was a child I had a terrarium. It was a rectangular glass box, almost like a fish tank except I don't think it was waterproof. I used to have a blast arranging rocks, moss, weeds and twigs inside. (All these things I had collected on "nature walks" with my mom. I do recall an unfortunate incident one summer when I thought it'd be fun to experiment with worms in the terrarium. I "accidentally" left it out in the sun for a few days and fried all of the worms (some of which had tried to escape by climbing the glass walls). The terrarium was an awful mess, and I think that was the end of my terrarium days. Still, it was fun while it lasted. And my terrariums were never constructed to last, they were just recreations of my own little wilderness.

    Speaking of worms, I'm considering vermicomposting in my apt., but fear the worms will seek revenge.


  4. Oh, Andrea - I laughed about your poor worms! I love the idea of keeping things from a nature walk in a terrarium, though - I think that P and I will have to start doing that. :)

    Eco Yogini, that sounds like an amazing idea for centrepieces! Especially in thrifted or vintage jars or glassware. Smart!

    And thanks for the link to your blog, Fern & Mossery (Lauren)- I had a quick peek and I'm off to look again at all of your great resources!


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