Kingston Farmers Market and Chestnut Acres

The Kingston Peninsula is beautiful. So are these guys:

We visited the Kingston Farmers Market last Saturday, and it was fantastic. I especially loved two booths; the Cedar Lane Farm Authentic Foods (unfortunately, no website) guy (he was just one of those people you want to hang out with, you know?) and Melissa from the Hampton Soap Co. She makes lovely cold process soaps, is very very sweet, and does a mean swirl in her anise soap.

Our market here in Yarmouth is in its third summer, and is still quite small. It is growing each year, though, and it is so lovely to be able to pick up real food that we need from people we know. There's been an ongoing effort to house the market in a permanent facility, and seeing the Kingston market in action has me more enthused than ever. In the last photo, we were awaiting our breakfast in a beautiful, bright room with a giant community of people. It was fantastic, and I hope I can find myself in a similar situation here in Yarmouth in a few years.

We also visited Chestnut Acres, an organic farm run by some people we know. It was so lovely of them to have us, and we had a great time. P was a bit upset about the group of lambs loudly requesting their mothers and the chickens that flew up at him, but in the ened he fed an apple to a horse and everything was okay.

Check out this link for a list of farmers markets, farms, and other organic resources here in the Maritimes. And this is the site for ACORN; the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network's site. They also have a blog, here, with lots of information about regulation and what's going on for organic farmers.

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  1. Don't you just LOVE Farmers Markets. I'm hoping ours in Belliveau's Cove will grow a little bigger (ha, little and bigger in the same sentence) over the next few years. Did you guys go camping while on vacation ? seems that in some of your pictures you're at a campground.


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