'dough' dough, bread dough, and bean blossoms

Take a look at this! Amidst the other miscellaneous papers and pictures on the fridge, here's the stub which was once attached to a cheque. Which was sent to me. For the use of one of my pictures. In Enroute magazine! It's of soap; funnily enough, not even my soap. I'll post about it again once I receive my copy of the magazine.
I made a batch of my Grammie's bread last week when I made rappie pie. The dough is so beautiful.
I took this photo last week, and now the blossoms are almost gone on our little bush beans. Which means the beans are on their way, yipee!

I've been on a bit of a cleaning kick today, and it is so satisfying. It ended up pouring rain on the day we were planning on cleaning the shed (like just about every other day in recent memory - blast!) so that remains undone. Which means it's still a bit tricky to get in there. Maybe we'll tackle it this week. Along with some more painting on the outside of the house. We're having some windows replaced this week, and the guy we hired to come and do part of the painting is hoping to come next week, if the weather cooperates. All in all, I'm feeling quite productive. But all of this work is making me sleepy. I think it's time for a nap. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Good for you getting a photo in a magazine! That is a little dream of mine, but I need more practice first...

    I love the way bread dough looks when it is rising and yours looks especially lovely in that nice shiny bowl and pretty towel. :)

    And yay for beans! I did pole beans this year and I am just starting to see some tiny beans emerging. So excited!

  2. YAY- I totally found your picture too- just searched for "soap" and there was a little picture of "savonnerie: Sherrie Graham"!!!

    WOOT :) (ps- your soap is SO MUCH PRETTIER :))


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