vines & food week

It's the garden's off-season. It's certainly still beautiful, in a very different way.

So, are you ready for food week? It starts tomorrow, and if you have a blog or flickr account and want to join in, please do! Each day will have a specific type of recipe to post.

Monday - Breakfast
Tuesday - Lunch
Wednesday (you guessed it!) - Supper
Thursday - Vegetable (a vegetarian vegetable dish)
Friday - Dessert

They can be recipes you've already posted on your blog, ones you have in your head, ones passed down - anything goes. What I want is your very best recipe (by my standards) in each category. Very best. By best, I mean it's relatively simple, delicious, and quick, using mostly ingredients I would have in my pantry already. And hey, since I'm making up the rules, no boxed ingredients in the recipes (like boxes of jell-o, packages of cake mix, or canned soup). Boxed broth and frozen phyllo or puff pastry are fine. (I love making up the rules!) Really, though, I'm not going to boycott your post if it doesn't strictly meet all of those requirements - I just want more great recipes to go around!

I will post a list of participants tomorrow (Monday) along with my breakfast recipe. So if you're in for sure, please leave a comment on this post, to make sure that you're included. It would be great if you could link back to my blog with each post throughout the week, but don't get your knickers in a knot over it if you forget - things are pretty laid back around here.

I'm hungry already, and can't wait to see all of your fantastic recipes!

P.S. Speaking of hungry, Adam made these cookies the other day, and they are chewily divine. Phillip loves them, too. Also, we're making these for dinner tonight - I hope they're as good as they look!

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