food week, day 4: vegetarian

This falafel with cucumber sauce is one of my favourite meals, and I don't make it often enough. We had it for lunch today, and there are some leftovers in the fridge which I can't wait to dive in to. Rather than copying the recipe here on my blog, you can just skip on over to the original here. I recommend doing the last step (making the cucumber sauce) first, so it mellows while you're working on the rest. You can see the list of everyone else who is participating in Food Week here.

It was a snow day here today, and I had the chance to make five batches of soap this afternoon. I feel very productive. One of them is a new exfoliating citrus bar with orange peel powder in it, along with essential oils of bergamot (I adore bergamot), grapefruit, and benzoin, to hopefully help hold the other oils' scent. I think I'm going to love it. My new base (of olive, coconut, and castor oils) seems to be working perfectly, so I'm a happy soaper.

The snow has stopped, and it looks like it's raining now. I have tickets for a play tonight, which Ingrid is in, so I'm having an all-around fan-diddly-tastic day. (Just call me Flanders.) Tomorrow is dessert day, and I have another excellent recipe to share, so pop on by again!

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