beautiful day and an upcoming theme week: food

Phillip and I walked downtown today after work, along the waterfront, and did some sky watching. I've noticed that over the past week or so, the quality of light has changed. It's warmer - less winter-blue and more yellow-warm. I like that. A lot. And each day, the light lasts a wee bit longer.

I post a lot of recipes here, mostly because I love to eat. I know that some of you have pretty amazing recipe ideas up your sleeves. Monday of Comfort Week was one of my favourite days - my soup list is as long as my arm, now. What do you guys think about having a food week? Are you in? I'm thinking breakfast, lunch, supper, vegetable, and casserole. (EDITED: I forgot DESSERT! Forget casseroles, we're doing desserts!) I'll give you a couple of weeks to thin out your options - you can only choose one for each day, and I want it to be a doozy! Your very best go-to recipe in each category. So keep that in the back of your mind - I'm thinking that we'll tackle it in a couple of weeks. There has to be something fun in between winter and spring! (Oh, and by the way - I have Spring Renewal week all laid out. Now we just have to wait for Spring.)

Ooooh - one more thing - cross your fingers for me! We have a snowfall warning for tomorrow, so I might get my first snow day of the year! If that happens, you'll definitely hear from me. Happy Monday!

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