snow day 1.0 and Martha's fruit crumb bars

Yay! I had a great first snow day of the winter. This picture was actually from the other day, at the entrance to a cemetery not far from our house. If it wasn't so blustery and nasty out today, I would have gone to take some more pictures this afternoon.
During Phillip's nap, I did a number on the porch. I washed and tidied up these shelves and organized all of the coats and bags and other miscellany that was hanging on the hooks. Holy satisfying, Batman.
And I snatched this two-for-one shot just after supper. Today's snow and Martha's Fruit Crumb Bars. I wasn't planning on making these, until two dishes of homemade applesauce jumped out of the freezer this morning at Adam and the containers broke on the floor. So I used that as the filling. The recipe is in the Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The Original Classics. They're pretty yummy, and Phillip looooves them. And as you can see, mine look nothing like the picture when you follow that first link. It's kind of like apple crumble in layered bar form. Yum! In further snow news, it's looking like freezing rain will continue well into the night, so my fingers are crossed for tomorrow.
And look (through the mirror dirt, eeeeew) at what arrived in the mail! A snazzy new strap for my little camera, from this Etsy shop. I love it. Three of my favourite things: green, brown, and damask. Nice!

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