tasty tea

As you may recall, I now have a love affair with licorice root; specifically Yogi Tea's Egyptian Licorice tea. Aveda also makes a tea which is lovely, and very simple. Licorice root, mint, basil, and sweet fennel. The Yogi tea has citrus in it, which Ingrid can't consume for fear of throat swelling and death, and the Aveda tea costs a fortune, so I bought the spices at the health food store, and made some up. Delicious! Needs some tweaking, but it's yummy. (No, I didn't measure, as usual. Sorry.) Apparently the fennel seed (which I used) is not the thing to use; sweet fennel leaves are the thing I need to make it perfect. (Follow that link, Ingrid - that's where it can be bought.) Try it and let me know what you think! I'm kind of thinking that I might give up on all of the other things and have straight licorice root tea. Mmmmm. So sweet!

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