comfort week, day 4: habit

One of my favourite comfy places in our house is our bedroom. I love that everything in it is creams and whites - it's very calm. I had the chance to take a few photos this afternoon while the sun was out, and when I thought about it, I have a funny little habit which has to do with bedding. If I'm wearing a jacket which has corners with the right texture (at the bottom), or a blanket in bed (usually a quilt) with the right kind of corner, I kind of flip it back and forth between my fingertips. I don't miss it if I don't have the right kind of corner handy; I just don't even think about it when I do, and flip away. The corners on the curtain in the picture are kind of the right kind, only not thick enough. I know, it's a little bit strange. For the story of the 'headboard', see here. How do you like my new duvet cover? Guess where it's from (washed and freshly bleached with Ecover's oxygen bleach)?

See here for the list of everyone participating in Comfort Week. Tomorrow's the last day, and I still haven't decided on an image! I'll be doing the draw for the soap prize over the weekend.

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