a little red here, and little red there

Look what opened up yesterday! "Am-ryl-isss! Boo-ful!" (In Phillip speak, of course.)
And this is my current project. I'm making a set of the Swedish Roll-up Blinds from Simple Soft Furnishings. The fabric is a heavy, almost canvas-y cotton, in the form of tab-top curtain panels from Wicker Emporium. They were on sale, I loved the fabric, and we could definitely use some new blinds in the living room. Bonus: I have enough left over to make some cushions. I haven't decided if I'll be able to handle the matchy-matchy, but I'll give it a shot. I've got the main part all done; I just need to pick up a few supplies to finish them up.

Oh, and I'm excited for Tuesday! We're having someone coming to do an energy audit on our house. That should provide us with lots of information and direction for some of the improvements to make to the house (of which there's an ever-growing list!)

Oh, and the reason for two posts in one day (one of which was at 6:24 am)? Bladder infection has me home for the day, and had me in outpatients all night on Monday (10:30 pm - 5am), noticing things like the floor's resemblance to oatmeal and that the number dispenser looks like a cardinal in one's peripheral vision. The vending machines are circa 1982. That's generous. I'm starting to feel better, and hopefully tomorrow will be right as rain. Happy Thursday!

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