A wee bag with no gift inside (as of when I took the picture). I love brown bags and red beads. They're similar to red berries, now that I think about it. Actually, I love a bit of red in every room. I think some designer said something like that once. Wait, our entire living room is painted red. I guess I just like it, in small or large doses.
I spent a bit of time wrapping today with some traditional and some non-traditional wrapping paper. The pink Martha polka dot paper with fuzzy dots was right next to the...
brown paper packages, which were alongside the...
pink and gold (although it looks peachy in the photo) fancy-dancy Martha paper for Ingrid's gifts. Which we imprompu-edly exchanged this evening. Fun! I decided that I am not going to buy any more wrapping paper or embellishments, but use what I have on hand. Hence the jumble of papers. Eventually, it will be brown (recyclable) paper all the way. With some red berries for good measure, of course.

I have both of my guys with me this weekend, and we're going to do something fun, whether it keeps raining (like it has been all week long) or not. Have a lovely weekend!

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