*sniff* *blowing of nose* *sniff*

I still don't know if we're going to get a 'real' tree this year. This may turn into our tree. It's a few branches from our Quince, strung with a sweet beaded garland. I had a beautiful, simple, modern picture in my head, but now that it's together, it looks a bit too much like cobwebs on the branches. I think the addition of a few ornaments might be called for. More pictures to come.
A better picture of the tealight thing I posted last week.
And we do have a green tree; a tiny little Norfolk Pine. It's on the kitchen table, and when P notices it, he says "kiss-masss... tee!"

I have a cold. Ugh. The kind where my head is completely plugged and fuzzy, I'm constantly blowing my nose, and I generally feel disgusting. And it's been pouring rain all day. Not terribly festive.There. I feel better already.

I had hoped to get some Christmas cards done this weekend, and I still might this evening. I got a few batches of soap made yesterday while P was sleeping, and had a little rest this afternoon. I was perusing an amazing book for awhile, too - Birth: the surprising history of how we are born by Tina Cassidy. I enjoy history - not so much details of wars and conflicts, but how daily life and events differed from what we know today. This book is brilliantly and extremely well written, completely fascinating and objective. I must say that I've read about half the book (beginning in the middle), because I was only borrowing it from the library for one particular section. I started and couldn't stop. Now that's a high recommendation, coming from me. And speaking of birth, congratulations to J&J in New Brunswick who welcomed a new son into the world yesterday! Babies are the best.

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