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We have several friends who have brand new babies, and I've been having a great time delivering meals to them (and getting to hold sweet new babies, too!) This chicken pot pie went to one home, and it looked and smelled sooooo good that I had to document it. I do love a good pie, sweet or savoury.

Speaking of savoury, I made Marisa's basic tomato salsa recipe on the weekend from her book, and it is excellent. Sweet and hot and delicious. I omitted the cilantro, as the salsa is mostly for Adam, and he's not the biggest fan. Also because when I looked at our plant, it was in a sad, sad state. The salsa is packed with tomatoes and jalapenos from our favourite vegetable vendor at the market (she knows sooooo much!), onions from our garden, and is fresh and bright and yummy. I made two batches on the weekend, and Adam volunteered to watch the boys this Saturday so I can make another. I don't mind one bit.

We just returned after a couple of days at a camp, and it was fantastic. Everything that camp should be. Dirty, loud, exhausting, happy relaxed fun. We're trying to pack as much fun as we can into these last few days of summer. The weather has cooled down, which I am *such* a huge fan of, and I'm looking forward to our fall / winter routine again. But these last few days are precious! Go forth and enjoy.


  1. I bought Food In Jars on your recommendation and it's a gorgeous little book. Hubby used the recipe for pickled jalapeños but was wondering about the imprecision of it in terms of the size of the jars correlated with processing times. Have you had any problems with that?

    The pie looks so good it's making my stomach growl!

  2. I haven't, Teresa, but I'm also not sure exactly what you mean about the imprecision. Do you mean that there aren't separate processing times listed for the different jar sizes? (I'm kind of sleepy - it seems like I should be able to understand your question, but I just can't get there.) :)

    1. Yup! That's exactly what I mean. :) For e.g., for the jalapeños, she said she put them up in half or quarter pint jars, but "feel free to use the pints", and then she said to process in the water bath for 5 minutes. So, hubby wasn't sure whether it's still processed for 5 minutes if he used the pint jars or whether he'd have to extrapolate her 5 minutes, which is for the 1/2 or 1/4 pints, for the pint jars that he used. He says that the instructions that come with the canner or Ball jars give very specific times for different size jars and diff veggies.

    2. Ooooh, that's a good question! She's @foodinjars on Twitter - I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you asked. Different times make sense - I didn't come across that in any of the recipes I've made so far. Keep me posted!

  3. Katie P.8/29/2012

    Mrs. Greenthumbs? She rocks!

  4. That pie is making my mouth water; yum !!! Can you believe it, your summer vacation is almost over and it seems like last week you were enjoying your first days of vacation time. I love the cool temps of the past few mornings. Can't wait for Fall... my favorite.


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