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Our lovely company (I love my in-laws, seriously) left this afternoon, and then the rain started. We've had a quiet, sleepy afternoon together, and it's been lovely.

I'm cutting back on soapmaking a bit, and will only be selling custom orders for the forseeable future. Things always change, of course, but that's where it stands right now. If you would like to order some, I have a bit on hand. Just send me an e-mail and we can sort out the details. My current favourite is the goat's milk batches that I've been making with Dorothy's milk. It's a lovely, rich, moisturizing soap with a thick, creamy lather. Mmmmm. And I've had reviews that it makes a great shampoo bar, too!

This post by Amanda at SouleMama cracked me up. Kids are great.

I've been going back and looking at the first picture in this post over at public::bookstore by Tara Thayer all week.

Phillip is standing next to me. "I am hot. Really really really really hot." That's what he wanted to share. (I'll be thankful when it's less humid, too.)

I'll have both boys to myself all day tomorrow - any ideas for fun things we can do together?


  1. First thing that popped into my head: edible play-dough. Not sure why. :}

    Have fun with the kids and be grateful you're no living in Florida in the summer! ;)

  2. Thanks, Teresa! I am definitely thankful- it could be much worse. I don't think it could be more humid, though- it's been 100% humidity! We just might do the play-doh this week... Phillip and I did a freezer paper stencil shirt yesterday and it looks great! I'll definitely be doing more.

  3. lovely post, sherrie. a rainy day sounds wonderful about now, (i just checked, and the current temperature is 84 - way too hot for me). and i agree, that picture from tara is pretty fabulous. xo.


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