games, hodge podge & two requests

We're all about games in our house. During the first summer after we were married, Adam and I had a running card game of Dame des Piques that lasted at least three months. (I believe I won, incidentally). We started our game collection even before that, and have quite a selection in our game cupboard. Adam took Phillip to a yard sale a few weekends ago, and they found a treasure - a 2nd edition Wheel of Fortune game from 1986! It combines everything Phillip loves - puzzle solving, spinning a spinner, letters and words, and rules! Oh, this boy loves rules.

We stopped at Value Village on our way home earlier this week, and found a like-new Rush Hour game (99 cents!) that Phillip has also been enjoying. Thomas has been playing with Operation a lot lately, which I found at Frenchy's.

Do you have any game recommendations for us? Either for the boys or us grown-ups, or even better - something that we can all play with in some way. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

It's late in the season now, but if you can manage to find some fresh peas (I saw some at the market last week) you can make some Hodge Podge. Rachael's recipe is perfect. We made it a few weeks ago, and it was so. delicious. If you've never had hodge podge, it's a sort of vegetable chowder using the perfect little carrots and new potatoes that are available now. 

The in-laws are here, which is wonderful. I'm hoping to get out and take some pictures very soon. I'm really enjoying having my iPhone for quick pictures, but it's not like a real camera. I need to play with it some more; I have to figure out how to capture things a little bit better. Any tips on iPhone photography? Speaking of which, you can find me on Instagram - I'm Sherrie_birchbarksoap.

Happy Thursday!


  1. honestly, i am a huge fan of crib (and bid wist, which i grew up playing... but that you need four players to play)

    i also really enjoyed scribblish (more for grown ups again)... sorry most of my child-friendly games might be a bit old for Philipe and Thomas- although Guess Who has always been a wonderful game for descriptors...

    1. Lisa, I've never played crib, but we used to play whist all.of.the.time in University. One of my dearest friends was working in Scotland for awhile, dropped in on a tournament in an ages-old pub filled with old crusty locals, and ended up winning! I haven't played in ages; I don't even remember the rules. But we have some company for a few days, so we have a few more people to play with after the boys are in bed. :) I've never heard of Scribblish... I think I'll look it up. :)

  2. Favourite games of late: Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan, DutchBlitz
    Newest fun game I've played: Ticket to Ride
    Classics: Trouble, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Jenga

    So many games. So little time.

    1. Andrea, those are some of our favourites, too! Actually, Adam bought Dutch Blitz for me for our anniversary a few months ago (along with some other wonderful things) and we've been playing some evenings. It's an entirely different game when you have a rowdy tableful, though! Love it! And we just got Ticket to Ride for Christmas, and played it just a few nights ago. LOVE! Trouble is one we don't have, but we play at the library sometimes. The boys love to pop the bubble!

  3. First off, thanks for the hodge podge shout out! We've been eating it by the bucketful!

    Like Andrea up above, my family has fallen for Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne. And we like to use the extensions that you can get for the games as well - to accommodate extra players. Both games are completely and totally addictive. They are really more for the adult set. We also love Wizard, Mille Bornes and Phase 10 - all card games that can be purchased fairly easily.

    We played Monopoly Junior with my 5 year niece last week - short and easy. We also play Uno with my slightly older niece.

    Man... we play a lot of games.

    1. No problem, Rachael! It's a perfect recipe. (And I love how you have the printable option all set up - it's perfect!)

      Yes, Settlers and Catan and Carcassonne are perpetual favourites here, too. We have a few expansion packs. I think that Wizard was the first game that we bought together, I posted about Mille Bornes awhile ago (http://twentytwopleasant.blogspot.ca/2010/07/mille-bornes-and-blog2print.html) and Phase 10 is great. (We have that, too.) I've never tried Monopoly Junior with Phillip - he might enjoy that. And Phillip LOVES Uno!


  4. My mom and I can't get through a visit without a game of Skip-Bo (she made me play before I was allowed to go catch the ferry Monday morning!) And I love Dutch Blitz.

    On the iPhone photo front: do you have the Camera+ app? I find it's better than the standard camera and has fun editing features. I also use picframe constantly to make collages and add text to pics. :)

    1. Oh, thanks for the Camera+ and picframe tips, Heather. I'm off to check them out. :)


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