Adam is home! I've had the boys all to myself since Friday. I will admit that there was a bit of trepidation on my part, but you know what? Things went pretty perfectly. We had calm, relaxing days together, with some beach and lots of playing thrown in. And not a single screaming, throwing-himself-on-the-floor tantrum from Phillip. There were lots of 'no's and not cooperating, but nothing major.

And look what Adam brought home for me! Some new Weck jars for me (because a girl can never have too many jars, right, Marisa?) in the 3/4 L size, and tonnes of plums that he picked up in the valley this afternoon. He bought a giant bag of seconds, which I'm going to turn into fruit leather and plum jam (anyone have a great reicpe?) post-haste. The jars are from the very nice Sydney at The Jade W in Halifax, and you can also order them online. It totally made my day that there is also a strawberry logo on the side. Sigh! What a lovely husband!

I hope that your Wednesday has been pleasant. You can expect to see some plum jam and fruit leather pictures soon. What have you been putting up?

Oh, and one more thing, if you want to buy a house - ours has a new price (jars not included).


  1. Hooray for Adam being home, a smooth time with the boys, Weck jars, and fresh fruit for leather and jam!!

  2. Ooh, pretty weck jars! I need to get some of those myself. And the plums look so yummy...can't wait to see your fruit leather and jam!

  3. Yes! You can never have too many jars! ;)

  4. I've done my hubby's grandmothers mustard pickles, a batch of pickled beets, and some chokecherry jelly. I blogged about the jelly today!

  5. I love looking at the pictures of your home on the realtors' site - you are moving?

  6. We are, Diane! Not far from where we are now; just outside of town with a bit more land and permission to have chickens! :)


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