My aunt and uncle have an organic blueberry farm, and we have been eating boxes of their gorgeous berries this week, and freezing lots for the winter. They also have chickens, and two new goats that I am planning on taking the boys to meet, very soon. Goat pictures, people! I adore goats. They have the sweetest faces! If I know you in person, I've probably told you of my plans to eventually get a couple of lady goats (I even have their names picked out) and to make goat's milk soaps. I don't know how soon I'll have my own goats, but I'm very excited to meet theirs!

And our hydrangeas are still blooming. Happy Tuesday!


  1. You lucky lady! Nothing like blueberry picking! I also love goats, we've been wanting to get one so badly.

  2. That first picture is just perfect, lovely lovely tones. And the berries look so yummy :) Can't wait to see your pictures of your aunt and uncle's place and their goats :)
    When I helped out on a farm in Canada two years ago we used to carry the fresh goat milk in from the barn in the morning, strain it and make milkshakes with it even though it was still warm :) We also made cheese and soap with it.

  3. Another Feather, I feel like I've misled you - they actually picked the berries. And we are enjoying them! The mosquitos are too bad to take the boys out there - we tried one year, and it was miserable. A convenient compromise, to buy the ones they picked!

    Ooooh, Kristina! Those are exactly the things I want to do with my future goats! :)

  4. Sherrie, the mosquitoes are a lot better on hot, dry, windy days. Try again sometime.

  5. We will, Bobbiann. And I'm planning to bring the boys out for a visit soon to meet the goats, see the chickens, and run around. I'm thinking maybe Wednesday, but I haven't spoken with your mom yet. :) Will you be around then?


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