a good mail day

 While I was out running errands this morning, a package arrived. Not just any package, but a package of goodies from Amber! I'm absolutely the sort of person who dives right in with complete disregard for wrapping paper and other formalities, but I made myself take a picture of the cute little bundles she sent before I tore into them.

 She made me an apron. A beautiful, perfect, lovely apron, with pockets. And ties. And two layers on the bottom part. I love it. (Oh, see our hutch in the background? Full of our craft supplies (mostly P's.) And the sunflowers that blew down and I'm hoping will open. And other miscellaneous life, strewn about the house!)
She also sent me a candle that she made, a needle felted tomato that Thomas particularly loves (said to bring prosperity and good luck) and a rhubarb print that she stamped. And the round thing is a dutch disk thing to hang on the shed, representing prosperity and fertility (go, garden!). I asked Amber about it when I saw it on her shed in one of her posts. I love everything - thank you so much, Amber! I also just noticed that everything has a little bit of red. So does my house - I think you know me better than I thought, Amber!

And just in case you were jonesing for a couple pictures of the boys:

Thomas does this every time we say 'strong'. Usually until he turns red in the face. He loves it.

And Phillip barely made it into the house before diving into his new library books. Look what he's doing with his hand. On the way home in the car, he said (completely out of the blue) "Mama, I love you more than anything in the world." I love that kid.


  1. I am so, so very happy you like everything!!! I hope you get tons of use out of your apron, and that it brings you much joy when you wear it. :)

    This may have been my favorite swap ever!

  2. I love the photo's of the kiddies. I still want the soap (12 bars please.) I'm sorry that I didn't pick them up, it turned out to be a bad day after all, but I'm on the mend now and hope to pick them up soon. Raegan

  3. Love the package...especially the apron!!! But the kids steal the spotlight for sure! T sure is strong (LOL) and P is such a sweety.


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