good morning! welcome to p's art gallery

I'm enjoying some quiet time to myself until Thomas wakes up this morning, while Phillip is at the Waterfront Gallery with Adam, 'helping out'. In preparation, they made Phillip's own art gallery out of our dining room yesterday. It's full of red dots! Regular drawings are $5 (pretend money is acceptable) and commissioned pieces are $8. So far, all of his pieces are called "insert colour name here" swirly-whirly. And there are many, many more than I've documented. Fun!

A couple of other things I thought you might like:

Free, cute, vintage-style canning labels that you can print! You just need the sheets of printable label paper. I've printed a bunch and will be dressing up my goodies this canning season.

Gorgeous beach pictures. I am seriously considering that tattoo. I've been thinking about getting one for awhile, but I want to make sure I get something that I won't get tired of. My other option is for something tree-y, vine-y, or nature-y in some way with the boys' names or birthdates or something.  Any suggestions?

I'm off to enjoy a hot cup of tea and a bit of reading.  I hope you're having a lovely day, too.


  1. So adorbs! Way to spark the creativity in your son =)

  2. Does Phillip send his art via the mail??? I would love to buy/commission one! Of course anything he chooses for Diego and I would be great! I will pay the shipping! :)

  3. I had a tattoo idea for my next one, but haven't had the money yet. But I sketched up a cluster of flowers, both of their "birth month flowers" all intertwined in a bouquet. Symbolic and pretty. :)

  4. Artist at work...so cuuuute!


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