annapolis royal historic gardens

I borrowed my mother-in-law's camera to take a few pictures while we were at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens last week, mostly of an Acadian-style thatched roof cottage in the garden. It is absolutely worth a visit - the gardens are beautifully maintained, everything is lush and gorgeous (and labelled!), and it's nice and shady on a hot summer day. And that cottage? My new house inspiration. I'm only half joking.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Such lovely gardens...Life was simple then...hard, but pretty simple I would imagine. Some days I long for that simplicity. ("

  2. How beautiful! The first picture is simply perfect!
    We have some museums like that...old houses that are furnished exactly like they were 150 years ago. I always love going there.

  3. I heart thatched roofs...at least in looks; not sure how well they work. LOL!

  4. Beautiful!!! I'd love to see that for myself some day. :)


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