odds and ends

Thomas does this adorable thing where if we're sitting on the floor, he backs up until the backs of his legs touch mine or Adam's, and then he sits down on us. It could be on our feet, knees, back, arms - whatever he finds comfortable. He waves at everyone and says 'hi' in this casual singsong, and 'bah-bye' with his chubby little fingers slowly opening and closing.
 I'm going to make some raspberry jam from our backyard raspberries tonight. This makes me really, really, ridiculously happy.
 Speaking of things that make me ridiculously happy, I made more butter last week, and used my new butter mold! Cute, eh?
 I also made yogourt the other day, and did you know that you can use the leftover whey to make ricotta? I'll be doing this soon.
Phillip keeps saying things like "I get the hiccups so much because I have more veins than Mama does." He has been reading some new-to-him old-school Sesame Street books for almost four hours now. Yes, four hours. He's completed the library's Summer Reading Club requirements. As of a few weeks ago. I'll have to go up and pry the books out of his hands, and most likely he'll have a fit when I tell him it's time to go to sleep.

Good night!


  1. Love the new header! Your description of T makes me really miss those baby/toddler days. Our teens will let us hug them, but they no longer seek us out to sit with us, or on us. :} I didn't know that you can use yogurt whey to make ricotta. I'll have try that!

  2. Oh, lovely butter! And I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the raspberry jam :)
    It's so great that your little one is a big reader...so few kids are nowadays. When I was a kid I used to shut myself in my room for hours just reading and dreaming and I loved it :)

  3. I did the same thing when I was a kid, Kristina! There will definitely be jam pictures, never fear. I didn't end up getting it made last night - it's at the top of my list for tonight after the boys are in bed.


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