that turkey!

 "On Duty". This is the sign for Phillip's store, and he's on duty. As you can see. He is very diligent about changing the sign when he leaves the store (his bedroom). It's adorable.
He named the store the "Graham Half-Family Market, Half-Family Store" and he and Thomas are the proprietors. They mostly sell sandwiches and pizza. They're a little tough since they're made of wood, but not bad.

 Our summer list is taped all over his world map.
 A growth chart from Molly!
 My mom was babysitting this afternoon while I was in outpatients - had a kidney stone, apparently - I don't recommend it! and apparently NOT watching Phillip as he published the post we started together earlier, and proceeded to create three other ones and publish those, too! Since they're kind of cute, despite the fact that he knows he's not supposed to use the computer, I'll leave one of them up. Turkey!

Anyway, here's the interview post I had planned on putting together.

I saw this over at The Things We Do, and thought that Phillip would have fun with it. So here's an interview with P, 4 years and 2 months old.

Favourite food? Pizza.phillip
Food you don’t like? (silly voice) Crayons. phillip
Coolest person on earth? Gabriel.phillip
When you grow up what do you want to be? A doctor.phillip
Favourite colour? Blue.phillip
Favourite song? ABC's.phillip
What do you like to do outside? Play hide and seek.phillip
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? To Hands on Crafts.phillip
When you were little you… I saw myself playing with my toes.phillip
Your best friend is? Catherine.phillip
Favourite snack? Peanut butter and apple.phillip
Favourite movie? I haven't watched any movies, so let's skip that one phillip
Favourite thing to do with Thomas? Play tricks on each other.phillip
Favourite thing to do with Dadoo? Play.phillip
Favourite thing to do with Mama? Play.phillip
A book you love? The one Nanoo gave me. The big one full of activities.phillip
Favourite sport? Basketball.phillip
Favourite thing to wear? Shorts.phillip
If you had one wish what would it be? For a truck full of cookies.phillip

Thanks, Phillip! That was fun. (He giggled through the whole thing. Cute kid.)

He added in all of those 'Phillip's when he was taking over my blog.

Look at this! I finally caved and bought it at a local antique shop. I am in LOVE! It now houses all of our craft supplies. Terribly exciting.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love everything about this post! Philip's signs are adorable....especially the one about being on duty. Great name for a store. He's so creative! Must get that from his mama!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, how funny is he! I thought it was a little odd when I commented on the other post. Love his interview.

  3. Very sweet interview. I must do the same.

    Love that color on the walls - what is it???

    Sorry to hear about the kidney stone ): Sounds like your summer is going well otherwise. I haven't visited your blog in awhile. I need to sit down with some tea and catch up.

  4. Hands On Crafts!? I love that kid.

    Also, nice hutch.

  5. Sunny, thank you. He is hilarious - I had no idea that kids would be THIS funny.

    Mad, thanks for the idea! He loved it.

    Wool Fairy, nice to hear from you! I'm looking forward to reading your interviews. The wall colour is Antiguan Sky, a Benjamin Moore colour. I love how it changes through the day. Our summer is lovely, and I hope that yours is the same!

    Ingrid, he keeps bringing up Hands on Crafts. I'm not sure if there's something specific he wants, or what. I might take him on Monday. You'll have to come and see the hutch in person!


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