chamomile and housekeeping

The sun is rising and I'm in a quiet, sleeping house. I have a cup of mint tea at hand, and no particular plans for the day other than doing some cleaning and baking to get ready for family who will be coming this week.

Phillip had a fever yesterday, slept all afternoon, and was up last night until 11:00. I stayed up to be sure that he went to sleep. Poor little guy. Thomas tripped and put his tooth through his lip after his bath last night. Adam was gone for the day to shoot a wedding. Since P slept all afternoon, and T had his regular nap, I had a bit of very unexpected quiet time and finished a book. (Fast, fast read. Nothing lifechanging, but fun for the summer!)

Housekeeping: along with the physical housekeeping that will be going on here today, I've also finally imported my Birch Bark Handmade Soap blog to this one, so that all of the posts will be included here, in one place. I plan to delete that blog, so things are a bit more condensed. Since soapmaking is still fun (I made four batches on Friday!) but doesn't hold quite the same level of priority since having Thomas, I thought that was a good plan.

Cookie tip du jour: in case you don't do this (and I don't as often as I should), you should do it today. Make your regular cookies, shape them or plop them onto a baking sheet, and freeze. Remove them from the sheet and store in an airtight bag after they've frozen. When you have company and don't want to spend time beginning at the beginning to make delicious, homemade cookies, you can just bake these up - no defrosting necessary.

I hope that no one is feverish at your house and that you're having a lovely weekend.

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  1. Great tips (as always), thanks Sherrie! Hope your little ones are better soon.


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