tabula and hawthorns

These beautiful mushrooms were in our CSA a few weeks ago and were promptly devoured. Phillip and I ate that giant one like it was an English muffin, and the others I sliced and put in a small cast iron pan with a blop of butter, salt, pepper, and green onions. Adam tossed the pan on the barbecue, and they were delicious. Speaking of delicious, River Cottage Everyday finally came in at the library for me yesterday, and I am swooning over the gorgeous pictures and delicious-looking recipes. I made tabula kisir, a bulgur salad, from it to go with tonight's dinner, and it was delicious. (I secretly call it tabula rasa. Ahh, takes me back to university.) I did some serious substitutions and omissions, but the dressing was almost the same. I used chili powder in place of paprika, and some dried herbs in place of fresh. (Yes, I know what my step looks like, but I don't have any parsley yet!) And some toasted almonds instead of walnuts (which I think was a definite win - crunchier). And I left out the peppers. So maybe it wasn't really much like the original recipe. But it was delicious.

Thanks for your sweet comments on Phillip's guest post! He's pretty excited to do another one. See that tree he's taking a picture of? It's a hawthorn, and it's the tree I asked about earlier in the week (thanks, J!) Here are a few of my pictures from our walk:

 I loved how Phillip's guest post fell into place yesterday. Here on the blog, I try to make it look as though I have endless hours to take pictures, putter around the house, and do everything I love. In reality, this is how I make things like this happen: I was driving home from work yesterday afternoon, thought "I need to take some pictures and tell people what those trees are before they're done blooming", and entered the house, planning to grab a camera and scoot back out for five minutes. Phillip was at the door when I walked in, so I invited him along, and it was lovely. We didn't go for a long walk; just around half a block. Came back home, went through his pictures together and had his post done before supper. (A delicious supper that Adam made with Thomas while we were gone.)It's all about making time where you can.
As I've been writing this, I've been thinking about how I approach blogging. Is anyone interested at all in any posts about how I blog? I totally understand if you're not, but I kind of like reading those sorts of posts on other blogs. Let me know what you think!

 There's sun in tomorrow's forecast! Happy Wednesday.


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog - so hearing about "how you blog" sounds good to me!

  2. I agree with Linda - whatever you want to post is good by me because your blog is always interesting (not to mention gorgeous)!

    Funny but as soon as I read "Tabula" in your title, I immediately though "rasa". LOL!

  3. I think "how you blog" would be fascinating! I am guilty of not commenting as often as I would like, but i read all your posts and enjoy them immensely. :)

    (Another tabula rasa on the brain here) ;)

  4. I'd totally be interested! I like reading those sort of posts too :) And that bulgur salad looks delicious, mmh :)

  5. Thanks, guys! I'm hoping to get that posted this week. :)


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