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 It seems as though a disproportionate number of things in my house are green. It's just such a lovely colour, I can't help myself. I picked up this sweet candle holder at Frenchy's the other day for 75 cents. Specifically to match my little bird on the kitchen windowsill. And it fits my locally made beeswax votives perfectly.
 Inspired by this lovely post over at Tend (aren't those jars great?) I made some herb infused water just before supper. It was very mildly minty with our meal (P and I tossed in several types of leaves), and the rest is still steeping in the kitchen. I'll have the hard stuff with breakfast.
There was some beautiful asparagus with this week's CSA share. To be roasted or grilled tomorrow. Yum. Thomas was completely fascinated with it; touching, smelling, grabbing, and otherwise man(or baby)handling it. It really is one of the most humbling things in the world, to watch your child learn about everything.Those sweet little hands have some serious bruises on them now, though; Thomas was standing on a chair, facing backward, tipped over and squished his sweet little fingertips. Everything's moving fine, but they're pretty tender and have dark purple bruises. Poor baby.

I am really pleased that we have a nice, quiet weekend ahead, complete with dinner plans with other adults! And no kids! I'm really looking forward to it. Other than that, a nice, quiet weekend is in store.

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  1. Poor little T...it made me cringe reading about his accident, I think it would have broken my heart to witness it.

    Pretty candle holder; my MIL had ones like that in yellow. Can't remember where they went though.

    Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!


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