school's out!

Today was my last day of work for the summer! I'm officially on vacation. We went out for supper to celebrate, and came home with enough time to play outside and take a few pictures before baths. While I'm enjoying this feeling of newfound freedom, here are a couple of summery posts you might enjoy.

Line drying clothes. One of my favourite topics!

Summer lovin'.

And some more summery goodness. (That post makes me happy in so many ways!) I love Erin's blog, and you should subscribe. Her pictures are gorgeous, and she is just the sweetest person. So there. Go and browse!

And here is what a Mama, thankful for a summer break, looks like!

We're expecting sunny days all weekend, and since tomorrow is Canada Day, there should be some fun to be had around town. Have a wonderful long weekend!

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  1. Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadian! ;)

    Enjoy your vacation! I'm going on a blogging-break/vacation myself. Will miss your blog while I'm gone though.

    If Phillip posts again before I return (probably in August), please email me or stop by my blog and let me know about it so I can make an effort to seek out internet (if I'm somewhere without) to comment on his post! :)


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