It was kind of a big week last week. Phillip turned 4! He and Thomas relaxed after the big party yesterday with some bedtime reading with Dadoo.
These are the cupcakes Phillip chose from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. They took awhile, what with the buttercream frosting, toasting the coconut (YUM) and inserting those beady little eyes, but were totally worth it. So amazingly delicious. The frosting has one pound of butter in it. Good choice, Phillip. And a happy, happy birthday to my sweet, caring, smart, funny, and wonderful boy.


  1. Those may be the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen! Well done!

  2. Anonymous6/05/2011

    Happy Birthday to the little guy! :)

    And the cupcakes are just scrumptious. It was worth it!


  3. Anonymous6/05/2011

    Happy, happy birthday, P! I believe your best birthday present is your very talented mama. ;) Those cupcakes are seriously WOW!

  4. Happy birthday P! Very cute cupcake choice.


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