the beach

The weather finally was suitable for the beach on Sunday. Well, it seemed like it should have been, but the wind was still freezing! The boys had a great time, anyway, and so did we. It was Thomas' first time really playing at the beach and exploring the sand, and he loved it.

I'm going to be away for work for a few days - try not to miss me too much. Hope you have a great week!

In the meantime, check out this fantastic vintage-theme shoot Adam did! The couple looks amazing, and his photos showed them off beautifully.


  1. Oh, too late: I missed you already! ;)

    The close-up pic of T made me giggle! Did he try to eat sand? LOL!

    Kids are so incredibly adorable at the beach; just look at P run through the cold water with abandon and the look of concentration of T's face filling his sand-castle toy!

  2. Looks like a fantastic day! The sandy mouth is so cute and the shot of PO running through the water...that would ahve been me! :)

  3. The close-up made me giggle also. Wonderful cherished shots for you.


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