kale chips and eating atlantic

I tried kale for the first time this week, and probably ingested that little guy. (I didn't see him until I was editing the picture! A few days too late.) I had heard several times over about kale chips, and how making them is a sure-fire way to get kids to eat their kale. Not that Phillip has any kind of picky-eater issues at all - I just thought it must be a good way to make it delicious. In case you're like me and haven't tried it before, it's pretty much broccoli in leaf form. Smells like it, tastes like it, but is leafy. I don't go for wilty greens - something about them really makes me squinch my nose - so I figured that (as is the case with most things) roasting it with some olive oil and salt would do the trick. And it did - it was delicious. And so very, very crumbly. They kind of disappear in your mouth. Yum! Special thanks to JK for giving me the kale from her garden in the first place!

We've been eating all kinds of amazing local vegetables lately. We had some celery in our CSA basket that has the most concentrated celery flavour imaginable. Which isn't my favourite flavour, but I completely appreciate the amazing quality - it is absolutely nothing like the pale green celery at the grocery store. Delicious.

This is especially for you Atlantic Canadians - the Eat Atlantic Challenge is happening right now! Not only can you have the pleasure of eating all Atlantic Canadian food on September 2 and put your carrot on the map, but you just might win a lovely $250 basket of Atlantic Canadian food! I was tickled when I realized that it's the day after tomorrow, and also realized that we should easily be able to do the day with what we have in the house. Yay!


  1. Anonymous8/31/2010

    Each year, every one of us in the family pick a new veggie to grow (it doesn't have to be a new, new veggie; it can be a new variety of a veggie we already eat). My younger son picked kale (Russian Red) as his new veggie several years back, and we all loved it. This self-seeds too, so we've not had to buy kale ever since. We love it roasted, wilted, or fried. :) Glad to see someone else converted to a kale-lover!

  2. I LOVE kale chips. I tried them for the first time earlier this year and can't stop making (and eating) them. We also consume a lot of kale in our green smoothies so I have kale growing in my garden.


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