ground cherries and other matters of great importance

I feel as though I'm not doing blog justice to how lovely this summer has been. I suppose it's because I've been out enjoying it rather than writing about it.

Above: I asked Phillip to write a letter with his Window Writers (we love these!). He (completely independently and with no prompting) wrote both the P and the T. I know! He isn't really into drawing much, he prefers to make a bunch of squiggles and then figure out what they look like, so I was doubly impressed. He is indeed a clever boy. I try not to brag about him too much, but he's reading words. Sounding them out, if it's not one of the many, many sight words he knows. It's so much fun to watch.
At the market this morning, we picked up our CSA basket. Chock full of goodies, as usual.
These little tomatoes are delicious. Not to mention cute. And hey - if you happen to see me out and about and I don't know you already, please introduce yourself! Someone (hi!) approached me at the market this morning, asked me if I'm me, and told me how much she enjoys this blog. It's definitely not the first time (one of the advantages to living in a small town) and I love it!

We each had a maple scone from the market - along with some dark chocolate orange chocolate patties, these are our favourite treats.
These were the most intriguing things in this week's basket - ground cherries. If you have chinese lanterns in your garden, as we did (I think I managed to (purposefully) annilihate them with a tarp this summer) they look familiar.
You peel back the papery outer part, and there's a delicious treasure inside! Jeff, the guy at the market from Wild Rose Farm, told me that he knows someone who peels back the papery bit and dips them in chocolate. Yum! They're kind of tart and tomatoey and intriguing.
I made some soap the other day. A new type, available soon at Yarmouth Natural - Cinnamon Stick. Yum. A perfect fall scent. (No, I'm not ready for summer to be over, either.) I love it.
Remember this funny picture of Thomas' wiggly, long, middle-of-his-head-hair?Dr Seuss must have seen it, too!
True miscellany:

A kid's toothbrush makes the best eyebrow comb. The ones that you buy that are designed as eyebrow combs inevitably fall apart, but toothbrushes are designed to keep those bristles attached. My mother-in-law uses a regular one (she's clever) but I find a regular adult one is a bit too bulky, so I have a kids one. Perfect. Snoopy and all.

I wore a skirt today for the first time in years. Really, years. And I've had it on all day. If I come across more that I like, I just might make this a habit. I found mine at Frenchy's, of course, but just found it online for $100. Score!


  1. Anonymous8/14/2010

    P really is so clever! I think one of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching your child absorb knowledge and then demonstrate that they have absorbed this knowledge.

    I hadn't heard of ground cherries before last year, and now I'm seeing them mentioned all over!

    LOL about T's hair being on a Dr Seuss book, and congrats on your Frenchy's score!

  2. Just curious about your recommended rate of usage with cinnamon eo - how much ppo do you think is necessary to get a good solid cinnamon scent? I have been pondering a cinnamon soap but, am a little hesitant as it seems like it could be a real problem-though here in the states there is a handmade soap bus that makes a lovely smelling cinnamon soap.

    What has been your experience in working with cinnamon?

    Thank you


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