spot of calm

I am loving this tiny little corner of order in our dining room. It's so refreshing after the cozy Christmas clutter. Adam bought that gorgeous vase for me from lurearts' Etsy shop as one of my Christmas gifts, and what else would I put in it in January other than quince branches? And those are the driftwood shelves I made from found beach wood and hardware store brackets, holding some of my soapmaking herbs in vintage jars, mostly from Frenchy's.

Phillip's new bedroom is in the process of being redone, which means that there is stuff all over the house. (Which makes me appreciate the small doses of tidiness even more!) We've given away plenty of stuff, and will hopefully shed some more as we put everything back together again. It's really satisfying, and I'm excited to put P's new room together and show it to you. These are the colours I decided on - Antiguan Sky and Oxford White for the trim, both from Benjamin Moore. I'm just not very fond of blue, so even the blue that I chose had to have a good dose of green in it.

Lastly, I delivered a large pile of soap to Yarmouth Natural this morning, so if you're in need, they have a fresh supply. Happy Monday!


  1. I really love that corner, and this blog! It reminds me of the time I spent in Nova Scotia this past autumn. Especially the Frenchy's reference!

  2. Oh I love that little area you created. So calm!!!

  3. It's a very calming spot indeed. I love the new vase.

  4. I love the driftwood shelves! They have been on my list of things to make too! I just haven't gotten any good flat pieces...that is this summer's beach combing plan!

    Good choice on the colours! :) The room will look amazing! I am looking forward to the photo! ;)


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