orange, juiced & belly, huge

After lunch today, I realized that we had a pile of tiny, juicy oranges and clementines which needed to be used up. So I sliced and juiced them, and it was delicious.

Umm, no wonder people are telling me that I'm huge! 31 weeks last week - I don't know how I'll manage to stretch much more over the next nine weeks, but I'm sure I will.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Sure, choose the exposure test where you're looking away ;)

  2. Holy crap, Sherrie! I can hardly believe that baby is supposed to stay in the oven for two more months!

  3. Baby!!! That is impressive! Grow baby, grow!

    But maybe not too much more. ;)

  4. Anonymous1/26/2010

    Well, I think your belly is adorable...I can almost make out the baby in there! Cuuute!


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