snowfall warning

Well, it would seem that winter's here! We're in the midst of a LOT of snow. Sweet Adam's out shovelling as I type (I passed him my camera to take these since the snow is up to his knees, which are significantly higher than mine); we've had at least 30 cm since yesterday, and we're supposed to have another 15 cm tonight. I think we'll have a family shovelling party in the morning.

That's our car. In there somewhere. We're also supposed to have a very windy night with gusts up to 100 km/hr, so I'm expecting to lose power, with all of the snow and ice on trees and such. Hopefully if we do, it won't be for long.

In non-weather related news, our house is in a very productive, very messy mess. We're hiring a friend to redo one of our bedrooms that we haven't done since buying the house. It's in sad need of some wallpaper removal and paint, and since it was kind of neglected, it seems to have accumulated a massive assortment of odds and ends which are now out of the room and all over the rest of the house. So I am in a very purge-y frame of mind, and we have a lot of stuff going to the Salvation Army. And a lot of stuff to be recycled - we had quite a collection of boxes up there. I'm weeding like crazy, and we're finding other places to put some of the things (like my craft stuff) that were in there. Which requires some creativity, since there is very little storage space in this house, and we don't have a useable basement. It's going to be P's room, and Son #2 will be in what is currently P's. When I ask P what colour he wants his new room painted, "Maple Blue" is his reply. I'm thinking something like the number 1 colour in this post.

Well, I hope that your year is starting off well. Oh - I'm back to work on Monday, as my blood pressure has been behaving very well indeed. I like to think it's all of the baking and relaxing - hopefully it will stay low after I go back. Happy shovelling!


  1. Sounds like the kind of night made for hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows!

  2. I love the color for P's new room. Looks very similar to my laundry room - Ben Moore's Tiffany Box Blue. I was suppose to head out to Yarmouth this p.m. for a yoga class at the Ballet School but I was stuck in the driveway (our car, not me ;-)).

  3. Anonymous1/03/2010

    Goodness gracious! Now that's snow! My kids would love it. Me, not so much. ;) Very glad to hear your BP is all good now!

    Purging is good!

  4. Can I tell you living in Arizona I have woken up to a sight like that maybe 10 times? (And never in Phoenix. Only when I was in Flagstaff.)
    It seems amazing to me.
    Hope your 2010 is off to a great start.


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