I bought this chenille throw at Frenchy's a very long time ago. It had a fringed edge which was an ugly, tangled mess. I loved the throw, though - it's a perfect weight and size, and is very warm. When I looked at it yesterday, I thought, "Why not cut off the fringe and hem the edge?" So I did, and it's lovely.
Welcome to our dining room! Fall-ish things are in place, and it's freshly cleaned out. I'm having a bit of a house purge as of late, and have gotten rid of (translation: put on the lawn with a 'FREE' sign) lots of things. It feels so good.
These are some of the sweet gourds I bought at the Farmer's Market yesterday. The little white pumpkins are delightful, and they're so plump I can't help but squish up my nose at them.

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