I found this beautiful scarf at Frenchy's today. Yes, that's a Burberry scarf. The scarves currently on their website sell for 150-450 pounds. No, I'm not kidding.

This month marks three years of blogging here. Umm... three years?! That's how long it takes to build a $7 million luxury yacht or for a corporate reputation to recover from a crisis. (did you catch that, Maple Leaf?) I could have been doing what this woman did, and have taken a picture a day for three years...

or not, since I would inevitably forget.

I really enjoy sharing little snippets of my life with you imagined readers (not imaginary, but as in I imagine you all sitting at your computers when I post) and I like to think of this blog as a collection of the daily pleasures which might be overlooked if not for the thought "I could blog about that!" I share here what I enjoy on others' blogs - photos (my photography has definitely improved over the course of this blog's life), recipes, household tidbits, garden goodness, sweet babies (well, one in particular), and of course, things I find at Frenchy's.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate this month than having a few giveaways of Frenchy's items? First up is the Burberry scarf. Leave a comment with your favourite thrift store find (and if you've never been to one, I feel very sorry for you. You can just write about your cat or something) and the random number generator will choose a winner on Friday the 12th whenever I remember.

I have a few other items up my sleeve for future giveaways that I think you might like, so stay tuned!

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