blogaversary giveaway the second

The second giveaway for this blogaversary month is this Gap bag, found at Frenchy's awhile ago. I love it but never use it, so if you will, leave a comment and it could be yours! It's in pristine condition, and has a magnetic snap closure and an inside zippered pocket. It's not terribly wide, but would be great for carrying a few magazines or books.

To win the bag, comments on this post should be a story of the grossest thing you've ever seen (or bought) at a thrift store. Because we all know that along with the great finds, there can be some not-so-great finds. And some plain disgusting things. I think my find just might be the grossest of all.

I was looking for a pair of pyjamas at Frenchy's one day, many years ago. When I was in high school, actually - I've had the Frenchy's bug (not the one that leaves you red and itchy) since junior high. I picked up a pyjama shirt, and something fell onto the bottom of the bin with a small clatter. It was hard and dry and brown and had a sort of handley-looking thing on it. I looked a bit more closely, and realized what it once had been. The 'handley-looking thing' was a tail. I found a dried up, dead mouse in a Frenchy's lingerie bin. And the strangest part, looking back, is what I did with it - I picked it up (picked it up!) and took it up to the cashier. I can't remember what she said, but she promptly whisked it away.

If you can beat that story, you win the bag. If there's no standout winner, I'll get my friend the random number generator to choose a winner. Now these are stories I really can't wait to read! Have a great weekend!

Edited to add: The winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 17.

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