chocolate soap cake

I try not to post the same things here and at my other blog too often, but I think this one's worth it. My first soap cake, in dark, rich chocolate, and coloured with pure cocoa powder. The middle part, which is lighter in the pictures, turned darker almost immeditely after cutting, and looks beautiful. Mmmmmm. I'm planning on glazing this with some vanilla soap later this week, and having a few of these at my Christmas craft fairs. Cute, eh?

And we fared fine through the storm, thanks! It was still a hurricane when it landed, but quickly lost its oomph and only a few branches from our trees were broken. We didn't even lose power, for which we were thankful.

I'm cooking up a storm this evening, making calzones to freeze and have on hand, as well as some of that heavenly crockpot crème brulée I linked to before. And hopefully a couple of batches of soap - I'm trying to keep up with demand, but people just can't get enough soap! I thought I was getting lots stocked up for the big craft fair at the end of this month, but a local store ordered lots to sell, which depletes my stores. Which is a lovely problem to have. Happy Monday!

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