january 26

After a super-intense, self-imposed day tied to the computer on Friday, my mid-year reports for work are almost done. I wrote myself a physical list at the beginning of the day outlining the rewards I would have after finishing them. It included SATISFACTION, TAKE PICTURES, and MIND AT EASE ALL WEEKEND. (I tend to write lists in caps.) The few that I have left won't take too long, and I am so glad that I went at them like a madwoman yesterday.

The paperwhites were working hard too - they've started to open, and are so very, very pretty. And stinky.

I've missed you!

The weather this past week included some of the longest-lasting snow covered roads I can remember. From Monday night until Friday afternoon, they were covered in tightly packed snow, as it was too cold for salt to be effective. That, combined with blinding snow squalls and blowing snow, made traveling a little bit more intense than usual. Today, the sun is out, snow is melting from the roofs and roads, and it's a beautiful day.

I've once again been saving up things to share with you. Start the kettle and settle in, won't you?

Adam bought me another Nikki McClure calendar for Christmas, and of course, I love it. It works best for us to tear out and post individual pages on the fridge. That way, we get to enjoy it very, very, often.
And this beautiful, perfectly perfect mug made by Jennie the Potter was another Christmas gift, from Ingrid. I looooooove it. It's exactly the right size and shape, and it's beautiful. Thanks again, Ing!

Still thinking back to Christmas for a minute, remember the lotion bars I made? I had forgotten about a teeny bit I had tucked away to keep, and have been using it on my hands and they boys' chapped cheeks and lips this week. It is divine. Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to make. (And that spoon oil is superb, too!)

This post from Jenna rings so true for me. My favourite line: "For some people, getting out of their comfort zone is a temple in India or on the sidelines of a Mongol horse race. For others, it's learning how to take a goat's rectal temperature." I think I fall in the latter camp.

I am so thankful that we haven't (yet, knock on wood) been hit with any of the flus that have been making the rounds, although we've had a few sniffles. I love this post from Rhythm of the Home about the purpose of illness. And I hope the flu doesn't find us. (Have you noticed how much healthier we've been than last year? I am SO thankful!)

Marisa's potluck salad kit post is so helpful! I'm definitely using her tips next time I take a salad along on a visit.

Oh, this poem is so, so true. I try not to laugh (and try to say something wise and loving instead) when anyone tells me about when they have kids and what they'll do. And I laugh at myself and the things I thought about how it would be.

Dawn Suzette is leaving beautiful Nova Scotia on an adventure to New Mexico! Safe, wonderful travels! (Her pictures are just lovely.)

I like this post about how to think about the amount of stuff that we have.

This house is lovely. That fire place! The stove! Swoon.

And with that, my smallest offspring just woke up from a nap and is groggy enough too let me finish typing this sentence without grabbing my hands and banging on the keyboard. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Katie P.1/26/2013

    The post from Rhythm of the home makes illness sound so poetic. Maybe when I have a healthier house I will feel different and agree..but right now... to me? Illness is so stressful! It means long nights, no sleep, endless amounts of advil, trips to OPD. Maybe one day I will appreciate the "stillness". lol In the meantime, that's an awesome mug! Perfect for copious amounts of tea. mmm

    1. I completely get what you mean, Katie. And I think it's easier for me to think about illness poetically since we haven't had any serious sickness in the house for awhile. But it is kind of a lovely way to think about it when I'm not right in the middle of it, and maybe some will be in the back of my mind if/when it does hit. :) Hope E is feeling much, much better!

  2. Yay for staying healthy! That calender is so pretty. Thanks for the inspiring links!


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