darn it all

Just popping in to let you know about my sweet friend Ingrid's new Etsy shop! She knits beautifully (I have a pair of socks she made for me on my feet as I type) and is finally offering her goods to the wider world. She currently has these lovely organic cotton washcloths listed in her shop, and was knitting madly when she was here for a visit earlier today, so more things are on their way to the shop's listings. She's also begun blogging again, so pay her a little visit, won't you? (That's her picture up there, too - I snagged it with permission.)

Ingrid's husband, Jesse, also has an Etsy shop - he creates awesome portraits from pictures. And he has a promo code in his shop until January 9 - 25% off when you use the promo code 'welcome'. Definitely worth a peek!

Happy weekend!

*PS - These guys are friends, and I'm posting this for them because I love them and their goods are awesome. I guess if you count friendship and Christmas socks as payment, I've been paid for this post. But not directly.*


  1. Your friends are a very talented couple - much like you and Adam! Guess it is true that birds of feather flock together. :)

  2. Your cheque is in the mail, dahling. Thanks for the plug!!

  3. Oh, so pretty! Love both the washcloths and the hats!


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