flowers in winter

These little beauties aren't currently blooming in my house - these were from a year or two ago. But on the weekend, Phillip helped me to plant some fresh ones, so they'll be up before too long.

Really, truly - having fresh flowers in the house in the winter makes it so much more pleasant. And it's not expensive! I buy my bulbs after Christmas when they're super discounted. I also force branches, cut from trees and shrubs in our yard, which can be tied in to all sorts of science learning for kids. I'm not a huge fan of cut flowers in my house - they're pretty and all, but they don't last very long, are usually quite expensive, and little hands sometimes just can't help themselves. Branches are lovely, sculptural in and of themselves, and the flowers are just what's needed mid-winter.

I posted about forcing branches a few times before - it couldn't be much easier or more lovely. And if you're lacking in branches, come on over! I'll find you some.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I like your ideas of bulbs and forcing branches! We never buy cut flowers because it just seems so wantonly impractical to spend money on something that can't be eaten, and, like you said, doesn't last long and are expensive. If we don't have any flowers to cut from the yard, we do without, but flowers do make the house brighter...which is extra important on gloomy winter days. I'd love to visit you to hunt for branches together, but it's quite a drive from the Midwest to the Maritimes, alas!


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