a morning walk

We took the boys for a walk on the Tusket walking bridge this morning. It was a warm-for-January, grey, drizzly, quiet morning, and we had a lovely time together. I almost stayed home to 'get things done', but am so glad I didn't. What is more important to 'get done' than spending time with these three boys of mine? (That seems easy for me to write tonight; things have been going so very well in our house lately. Happy Mama, cooperative boys... I'm very thankful. Adam thinks that Phillip is going to be stricken with the flu, and that's why he's cuddly and sweet. I'm just going to enjoy it and hope that we continue to avoid all of the illnesses that have been going around. And around, and around...)

I also wanted to share that sweet Natalie is having a little sale in her shop -  I'm late in posting, since it ends tomorrow, but if you're looking for a little gift or treat for yourself, she creates gorgeous bookmarks to save your spot. And you thought reading couldn't be any more enjoyable! In case you haven't 'met' Natalie yet, she's the bees knees. You can follow her on her blog, Instagram (I love her sunny, homey pictures!) and if you'd like to take advantage of her sale, the post with the coupon code details is right here.

I hope that you've had a lovely weekend!


  1. I am the same way - wanting to stay home to get things done when Daddy takes the kids out. I've been making an effort to go along more often and I never regret the times I go!

  2. Anonymous1/14/2013

    i love those (*ahem* rare) moments when i choose adventure over stay home and get it done. and the photo - gorgeous!

  3. I'm afraid that I am usually the one who chooses to stay home when my hubby takes the kids out for walks. As the stay-at-home, and homeschooling parent, I spend a ton of time with the kids already and I look forward to those moments when I have the house to myself. :}

    I love that photo of the boys on the bridge! And I hope P doesn't get the flu!!!

  4. Gorgeous photo and I'm so happy for you that the boys are being good :) Enjoy it while it lasts...I've been down with the flu for nearly a week now, no fun. I hope it passes you by this time!


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