Tomorrow will be Phillip's first day of school, and he'll be travelling on the bus. He is excited, and a little bit nervous.  I think I know that he'll be fine, but of course my mind is racing through the non-optimal paths his day could take. Like opening his backpack on the bus and taking out every single crayon, pencil, and other item. And dropping them on the floor. And trying to crawl around under the seats to retrieve them. And that's before he even gets to school.

Oh, dear.

I want him to know the following: 

There is nothing like the promise within a fresh sheet of paper and a newly sharpened pencil on the first day of school.

Teachers don't know everything.

He doesn't know everything. 

There is so much to be learned that can't and won't be taught at school.

Being kind is the most important thing.

The bus smells bad on wet days, and there's nothing you can do about it.

I'll be back with the scoop tomorrow. If your little one(s) are heading off for their first day of school this week, good luck. I hope they are amazing.


  1. Is he going to our school board; the CSAP ? Tri-County started today right ? He will have so much to talk about when he gets home tomorrow and he'll probably be very tired. Good luck tomorrow Mr. P.

  2. CSAP, Vickie! Bus dro off was perfect this morning. :)

  3. Glad to see your update that the bus drop-off was perfect today! Those are great truisms to know, whether you're going to school or not. ;)


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