Thank you all so, so much for your sweet comments. You guys are great. I saw a few from new-to-me people - thanks for stopping by! It's nice to 'meet' you. And you regulars know that I love you.

I need to round up some addresses from some of you to send out the gull decals, and as I don't yet have all of the addresses or enough envelopes (oops) they haven't been sent out yet. I think that this is the first time I've sat down at our home computer for more than three seconds since the giveaway post. Life has been positively nutty. I love being able to check in quickly on my phone, but there are some things I much prefer the 'real' computer for. I am way behind on blog reading (which I miss - it's my little pick-me-up in a lot of ways) and there's a pile on the desk that seems to be growing as I type. I had both boys all day today while Adam's been shooting a wedding. Most of the day was fine, and I actually got a lot of cooking and baking done while they played and helped, but this evening I wanted to leave them and their yelling and uncooperativeness at bedtime and go far, far away. Of course, I didn't, and now that they're finally asleep, all is well again. But, man. What do you do with a defiant 5 year old? When none of the gentle strategies that should work, do? And a two year old who thinks it's funny to go near the woodstove when there's a fire burning? I'm feeling tired and spent after an insane September. I think I need a bit of time to regroup and settle in to October, which I'm hoping will be much calmer in every way.

I've had a few conversations lately with colleagues in similar situations to mine (married, two young children, working full-time) lately about how people make life work for them. I love reading posts like that, and it really seems like something that resonates with people. I think that everyone is secretly looking for a magic answer, and of course, there isn't one. A lot of intentional thinking and planning and hard work and recognizing what will work for you, to start with. Tonight, though, I'm feeling tired even thinking about it.

We'll all be together tomorrow, though, and I'm hoping that we'll get outside between rain showers. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. I wish I had sage advice for you, but I do have the utmost admiration for you and all that you juggle and do so well!

    It's been a long time since my kids were 5 so I don't remember well, but I think whenever they turned defiant, I just had to put them in their room (or bed if it's bedtime) for a long time out.

    Here's wishing October will be smoother sailing and hold fewer struggles for you!

  2. No advice here either since I've never been around kids much, but I wish you a happy October and that it will be all you need it to be :)


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