not much is new (even the picture is old)

Adam made these little turnovers ages ago, and the picture has been sitting on my desktop, waiting to be posted. I just couldn't delete it - they're so cute. And delicious. It was a raspberry jam filling, if I'm not mistaken. Mmmmm.

I guess I don't have a whole lot to say tonight - I just missed you.

I have been so very, very busy with work (I'm an itinerant teacher of students who are visually impaired, in case you didn't know) these past few weeks. It's good; I enjoy it and love this time of year in many ways, but I just don't have enough hours in the day, you know? (Of course you do.) Late nights don't suit me for very long, and I've driven over 1000km in three days. (That is definitely out of the ordinary. But it explains the crick in my neck.) I'm pooped.

I also said that I would do a presentation (en fran├žais!) about our organization for an Education program class at a university which was a great challenge (the first one was this morning; another tomorrow) and ate up a lot of time and mental energy. I think I'm ready for tomorrow, and will definitely sleep well tonight.

I hope that you do, too. 

Oh, and if you want to make similar turnovers, just make a batch of this super simple pie crust recipe, roll out and cut into rounds, fill with a bit of jam or fruit, and bake at 400 for 15 minutes or so, until they're golden. They may ooze, so parchment paper underneath is a good plan. They're a nice treat to tuck into a lunch box, too.


  1. MelissaR9/19/2012

    Good luck with your presentation!

  2. Anonymous9/20/2012

    Ah, dear Sherrie, you always know just what to say. I try to wear myself out (work today, plus volunteer with ESL in the evening), but. "I'll sleep well tonight. I hope you do too". was the BEST wish. September is crazy, isn't it?
    I'm loving the turnovers. SUCH a good idea.
    -Carol S-B

  3. Jam turnovers is a fabulous idea! I have a jar of over-jelled grape jelly that I need to use and will make turnovers. Thanks!

  4. Is it at our university ?

    1. It was, Vickie! I was so flustered yesterday that I forgot to come and find you, and I didn't have time today. I hope you're well!

  5. It would have been fun to see you. Always a next time. Actually, I should make an appointment to go visit sometimes. I'll wait till your house is all decorated for Christmas. I'm well thanks and hope the same for you and the family. Take care.

  6. Aaaaaand now I NEED turnovers. In my tum. Right now.


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