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Rachel over at Buttons Magee posted a recipe for a supremely simple Six-Minute Sponge Cake (aren't her plates beautiful?) a little while ago, and I made a mental note to try it. So I did on the weekend, and it's awesome. The only strange thing about it is that it's baked in the microwave. And you need to be careful about the time, so it doesn't get overcooked and rubbery. But if you can soar over those hurdles, you're ready to go.

If it's Sunday afternoon and some friendly relatives call to say that they'll be arriving in ten minutes, you have time to whip it and a berry sauce up and they'll think that you have your act together. (Just grab some fresh or frozen berries or fruit - my favourite's raspberries - and heat with a bit of sugar on the stovetop while the cake is 'baking'.) One of my favourite things about this cake is that it holds the shape of the bowl it's cooked in, which makes for a pretty and unique presentation.

But perhaps best of all, the picture above shows what you can do with it the next day - cut it into thick slices, spread with butter and toast it in a pan. Top with fruit salad and yogourt or whipped cream, and you will be one seriously popular family member.
Phillip helped cut the fruit for the fruit salad, and he couldn't have been more proud of himself. (See the tongue? He is focused.)

Happy Wednesday, folks!

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  1. I love the microwave sponge cake idea! It gets so horribly hot and humid here in Indiana that I hate to turn on the oven in the summer, but yet I love my desserts. Thanks for sharing it, Sherrie!

    Cute tongue action once again, P. ;)


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