may 3

A few pictures from today, another day at home with plenty of germs and unhappy bellies. Ugh.
Thomas snuck out the back door while I was hanging out some laundry (oh, the laundry!). He was so gentle when he touched the tulips and muscari. He's feeling quite a bit better today, sweet kid.
 I love the light in our room.
This boy did not have a great day. He worked on some puzzles for a few minutes, but that was about all that he 'did'. Poor kid.

In unrelated news (yes, please!) I have a couple of things to share with you. Firstly, what you see above is a reCap Mason jar lid. I supported the KickStarter campaign and received two lids. They are awesome for a few reasons; firstly, they are leakproof, and secondly, they have that perfect little pour spout! It's absolutely perfect for mixing, pouring, and keeping homemade salad dressings.

Also, I posted about my Cuppow awhile ago, and had a few people e-mail me asking where they can be purchased in Nova Scotia. So I asked them, and have an answer! They're available at the Uncommon Group stores in Halifax, for $10. Or you can order them directly.
And lastly, I am enjoying my first issue of Taproot magazine! Adam bought me a subscription for my birthday, and I love it. (Incidentally, those nightstands which I picked up at an antiques place are the least functional and the awesomest looking ones, ever.)

Speaking of birthdays, the very, very best birthday wishes go out tomorrow to both my sister and my mother-in-law! I hope that you both have wonderful, perfect birthdays and get lots of love on your special day. (And, ummm... we'll get some things sent out once we're up and running again. Ahem.)

I have some tea steeped and the boys are asleep. My fingers are crossed for a quiet, uneventful night, unlike many have been lately - I'm really hoping that tomorrow is healthier!


  1. oh i do love that nightstand!

    and the cuppow...i love mine. can't remember my morning coffee before cuppow ;-)

  2. You always have the mot gorgeous photography on your blog, and these pictures are no exception! I love that mason jar lid, that is such a smart idea!

  3. Purple is one of my favorite colors! The cap is very clever....I think I remember reading about it on Amber's blog.


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