old things, part the second

I am incredibly fortunate. For a variety of amazing reasons, but today I'm feeling particularly appreciative of some 'new' cookbooks that were given to me after Nana passed away. They're about as different as you can get from my somewhat sterile, super-perfect Martha collection. And that's what I love about them. Nana has written all over them, spilled and splattered on the pages, and enjoyed the meals made from them.
One of the books is the Barbour's cookbook, a New Brunswick household staple in years past, it would seem. Turns out that there is a reprint of the 1950's edition that you can purchase. The latest edition was printed in 1988. I especially love the quotes throughout, and the vague instructions.
In true Nana form, this book was opened to the doughnuts page and held there by an elastic.

I am so pleased to have these little pieces of Nana's life to relive and enjoy with my own family and friends. I think she would be pleased, too.




  2. I love the "O weary mothers" verse there!

  3. Monique Prasad1/15/2011

    I love that you have Nana's recipe books. I know that you will use them and bake with as much love as she did:)


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