old things and perfect boiled eggs

I can't help but love old things. Especially old, beautiful things. A friend of mine (Hi, K!) asked me if I would like to have some things from her grandfather's house. I was happy to welcome them in.
One of my favourites is this lovely wooden bowl. It has become our 'nature bowl', since we don't have a surface area to make into a nature table. P is always collecting one little thing or another when we're out, so it's perfect.
I also love these gorgeous glass insulators. They're on a windowsill which gets lots of sun, so I'm enjoying them very much. Thank you so, so much, K!
We've also instituted a napkin basket on the kitchen table. Phillip loves flicking out his napkin and spreading it on his lap. So cute.
And incidentally, would you like to know how to boil the perfect egg? I heard someone who had written a cookbook about boiled eggs, and thought I should try it. Turns out that she was right! Put eggs in pot of cool water, covered on stove and bring to a boil. Turn the burner off, leave the eggs in the pot for 15 minutes. That's all there is to it - they're perfect. I always pour out the boiled water, then fill the pot with cool water so they're easier to handle. For easier peeling, I also give them a little crack on the bottom of the pot (submerged in the cool water) and the shell pops right off. A teeny bit of water sneaks in when you crack the shell, which is what releases the shell from the egg. Yum!


  1. Nice - the insulators are really cool. I like them as decoration. But more importantly, I like your 'crack the egg' tip. I let the eggs sit for 20 minutes after boiling for 5 so it sounds like I'm overdoing it and the shells always stick so I can't wait to try that trick.

  2. Oooh, let me know how it goes for you, Anne-Marie! It's the little things, isn't it? Hope you're feeling well - I need to place an order with you today. :) And I can't wait to see how progress is coming on your expansion(s).

  3. I got this method of boiling an egg off the Martha web-site the other day - turns out perfect every time! Nice old stuff :)

  4. Anonymous10/30/2010

    Interesting. I'm going to have to try the shell-cracking tip because my one complaint about that method of cooking eggs is the shells seem to stick more! Unless I've just been "blessed" with a particularly recalcitrant bunch...

  5. Laura - apparently the fresher the eggs, the stickier the shells. So says the egg lady I heard on the radio. But the cracking underwater thing seems to work!


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